Kopete and Latex

Latex has been the best typesetting software ever made. I have always preferred it for any type of document. Latex has been very useful in case you want to use many mathematical formulas in the document. Sometimes, though rarely :D, we need to use mathematical expressions in our chat conversation. I was wondering if any messenger provides the \Latex support in the chat window. Then I found kopete’s ” KopeTeX” plugin allows Kopete to render Latex \
formulas in the chat window. The sender must enclose the formula between two $ signs. \
ie: $$formula$$ +This plugin requires ImageMagick convert program installed in order.

For example: for T= 2 PI /OMEGA




  1. #1 by BAReFOOt on January 21, 2009 - 5:22 am

    Does this work with other messengers too?

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