Saturn – The most beautiful Planet !

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Approximate animation of a fly by Saturn

Mass 568.46 x 1024
Volume 82,731 x 1010 km3
Equatorial Radius 60,268 km
Rotation Period 10.5 hours
Surface Gravity 8.96 m/s2

Ring Name: D
Distance*: 67,000 – 74,500 km
Width: 7,500 km

Ring Name: C
Distance*: 74,500 – 92,000 km
Width: 17,500 km

Ring Name: Columbo gap
Distance*: 77,800 km
Width: 100 km

Ring Name: Maxwell gap
Distance*: 87,500 km
Width: 270 km

Ring Name: B
Distance*: 92,000 – 117,500 km
Width: 25,500 km

Ring Name: Cassini division
Distance*: 117,500 – 122,200 km
Width: 4,700 km

Ring Name: Huygens gap
Distance*: 117,680 km

Ring Name: A
Distance*: 122,200 – 136,800 km
Width: 14,600 km

Ring Name: Encke division
Distance*: 133,570 km
Width: 325 km

Ring Name: Keeler gap
Distance*: 136,530 km
Width: 35 km

Ring Name: F
Distance*: 140,210 km
Width: 30 km – 500 km

Ring Name: G
Distance*: 165,800 – 173,800 km
Width: 8,000 km

Ring Name: E
Distance*: 180,000 – 480,000 km
Width: 285 – 440 km

* The distance is measured from the planet center to the start of the ring.



Saturn has 18 discovered moons. They are the:

* Mimas
* Enceladus
* Tethys
* Dione
* Rhea
* Titan
* Hyperion
* Iapetus
* Pan
* Atlas
* Prometheus
* Pandora
* Epimetheus
* Janus
* Calypso
* Telesto
* Helene
* Phoebe

Of all the satellites, Titan is the most fascinating because it may be possible that Titan contains living organisms. The reason is that Titan has an atmosphere and is believed to contain organic molecules. The atmosphere is 80% nitrogen and contains common gasses found on earth such as methane, ethane, argon, and hydrogen. It is believed that the surface of Titan is filled with liquid hydrocarbons that can react with the nitrogen in the atmosphere and form organic substances. Such substances are found on Earth and are believed to be the “primordial ooze” of early life.


Saturn from Titan orbit


Saturn and Titan

Landing on Titan( click on the video to watch it @ youtube)

Isn’t the universe beautiful?

[Update: Find a new post about Universe here]  Fascinated by the beautiful Universe

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